The Contract

Employment Agency



The employment Agency is an intermediary in the Russia Federation labour market and provides services to job seekers and with Agents those who want to start cooperation with our Agency based of these rules we can start officially contract with those Agents which they prefer to send us clients for work purposes.



Also Agents if they want to make cooperation officially with contract we can happen it but those who want to get some discount based of agreement we can not offer discount at the beginning because we will see if partner send us more then 8 clients then we will start make officially contract and in contract we will give him exclusive discount but if Agent send more then 40 clients then we can manage for him Gold discount, it means that very good discount he can get.



If partner send more then 40 clients it doesn’t matter to which countries after these numbers we will give him 5 vacancies without payment and totally free.We strongly believe that those who start work with our Agency, definitely he/she will be very close person also same part of our family as well because our team is very respectful and well educated of course running such as professionally Agency around the world

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