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Russia, Federation, Krasnodar Address: St. Caucasian, 101 / Mayakovsky, office 220

For International clients, Whats App +4915218044965

Russia tel: 896047688

Some clients ask from our team that can we get visa 100% guarantee? Of course non of the Agencies or lawyers can not give you 100% for visa to come out, why? because visa can only issue by Embassies not by any other Agencies or organizations but our Agency can give 100% guarantee only for the service which we do or send you because when your documents are 100% then Embassies don’t not have right to reject your visa application. If Embassies require any more additional documents from our side we do offer that to you, in this case always focus for your documents which you submit in the Embassies that is pretty important for your visa process but for sure we can say that the services which we do offer it’s really acceptable because documents will be prepare in high level of immigration with international experienced experts and Lawyers .

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