How to Apply

If you want to knew how to apply with our Agency, then follow the below steps!



  1.  Go to our countries link in our Website and choose which country you want to apply.

  2.  Once you selected your favourite country then  send us your copy passport.

  3.  Send us advance payment, prices are available in the countries lists in our Website. 

  4.  Once you done then send us your payment slip photo.

  5.  When we received your documents and payment slip then we will start to submit your documents for that country which you have chosen by yourself.

  6.  After that your process will start and run according the programmes. 

  7.  Once your approvals come out then we will send your original documents by DHL to your home address.

  8.  When you received your documents by DHL then we will guide you to arrange other documents from your country for submitting in the Embassy.

  9.  Then we will guide you how to submit your files in the Embassy for getting your visa.

  10.  after getting your visa then you have to pay your remainder of your money according to that country prices.

  11.  Then we will infrom you what date you need to buy your ticket.

  12.  Once you buy your ticket then you will fly to that country then we will arrange our team members  or partners to pick  you up from that country.

  13.  If you visit for work permit then our team will bring you to your work place and your accommodation where you will work.

  14.  Then you will start your job then our responsibilities will be here over but still you can contact us whenever you have any questions about your matters.

  15.  The most important is that we will be always in touch with you in any situation and we try our best to guide you to the bright future as everyone will that.

  16. When you got all information from our website then you need to make decisions that which country is better for you and then once you are competently ready then send your copy passport with advance payment and then send to our main Email after that our team will get back to you otherwise we don’t give free consultation to anyone, only we can reply you when we receive documents with advance payments, because many people waste time that’s why we don’t reply those who keep asking daily because all information are available in website to get, but if you are Agent then send us proper email then we will see if you are looks serious to work then we reply you if  you sent us few words in Email then we can’t reply you. Better to get information from here then start to apply.


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