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Global Employment Agency


Do you knew why our clients get USA visas easily? Because all the process will run by American local Lawyers, that’s why here is the main way to move to USA, let’s travel


Keep check our Facebook page, how our clients are keep getting Canada visa extremely in  short time, because our Canadian Lawyers will help your visa process


Germany is yard of European countries, but if you want to visit we can bring you to this yard during few days, because our professional agency can happen it for you


Many people prefer to be or visit UK, but they don’t knew how to visit, in this case we are the main one who bring these chances for you to visit UK


Employment Agency

The employment agency is an intermediary in the USA, UK, Canada and all European countries labour market and provides services to job seekers as well as other related services (airport pickup, accommodation, information and advisory services)

Cooperation with us make you famous in your country

Global Employment Agency

We are different

Why we are different from others? because our team are well educated and knew different modern foreign languages and all our visas process will be under control experienced international Lawyers

Why apply with us?

We can bring those opportunities which you have been willing to get it long time ago, but now you are faced in the main Agency which you can reach in your goals with supporting our experts during pretty short time


We are officially registered company by the State of Russia Federation since 2010, during these period of time, we assisted many national to travel  around the world


When you start your visa process with us from the first day our team will treat you same like family members because your achievement and goals is our Agency target, that’s why always warm welcome


1500 to 2000 Euro monthly for all national
25 days to get all your approvals
Do you want to get Germany work permit then you have to knew Germany language till B1, but if you don't knew the language we will teach you
We are completely different from others
From 1200 € - 1500 € Per Month
Your document come in 20 days
To take such as vacancies and salaries, contact our team immediately to book one vacancy for yourself, otherwise tomorrow will be late
Take your first step, the rest we'll settle
1000 TO 1500 Euro monthly for all national
Get your documents in 20 days
If you want to get such as opportunities then contact us immediately because those offer which is avalieble today, tomoroww maybe not possible
We can do only great job for you

We have been working in the labour market since 2010 in Russia Federation

During these time we have helped more than 70,000 people found work and travelled to worldwide countries,  our team members are also citizens of  European countries, USA, UK and Canada that’s why we are the main one Agency in Russia which we accept all national for those countries which we do offer with reasonable prices but the most important is that our work can bring results as others want especially agents and clients.

We are officially registered company by the State of Russian Federation since 2010

Our philosophy is to go the extra mile for our clients. We take pride in the quality of our work.



General Director

Sasha Sergevich

We have been working in the labour market since 2010. During these time we have worked with many national partners and clients and we could created professional international reputation among our partners and clients, because we are Russian team and all our process of visas we do with different countries and international Lawyers, that’s why this is only the main reason that our clients are keep getting visas per weeks. Our team members speaks only, Russian, English, Germany and Chines languages, please write us only one of these languages.

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